Isaiah 54:1-7
Witnessing for Christ is one of the tools that The Lord uses to save sinners. Those who have been saved need to be actively engaging their lost family members, friends, and work associates in spiritual conversations about Christ. We need to plant and water as much gospel seed in their lives as we can. And we need to trust the Holy Spirit to effectual call them to Christ. One simple thing that we can do in our witnessing for Christ, is to invite our friends to church. This sermon is about inviting friends to church on Friend Day.
Isaiah 54:1-8
"I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase" I Cor. 3:6. The Lord's means of preaching Christ crucified is through His sons and daughters. The Lord, not men, will going to grow His Church. However, the Lord will use men/women, boys/girls as His instruments of righteousness to accomplish His goal of saving His elect. We need to be prepared and ready at all times to witness for Christ. As we witness for Christ, we must rely upon the Holy Ghost to regenerate the lost to whom we are witnessing.
The means by which God will Enlarge His Tent, are The Church (each individual member), The gospel of Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. As a member of the body of Christ, we as individuals must arm ourselves with the gospel of Christ and engage in conversations with our family, friends, work associates, etc..., trusting the Holy Spirit to regenerate them. This is a responsibility of all Christians. We need more than 10% of Christians doing 90% of the work of evangelism. We need 100% of Christians pitching in to do the work of evangelism.
Isaiah 54:1-17
In the midst of judgment, Isaiah prophecies to Israel and Judah to prepare for God's Kingdom to increase. They were to enlarge their tent, lengthen their cords and strengthen their stakes in anticipation of God using them to enlarge His Kingdom. We, as God's people, would do well to do the same in our day and time as our nation is presently under the judgment of God according to Romans 1:18ff.
Isaiah 54:1-17
Isaiah prophecies to the nations of Israel and Judah before the destruction of Israel and the defeat and captivity of Judah. His message is twofold: Prepare to meet thy God for the judgment of thy sins, and Because of God's faithfulness to His covenant He will save His people even will judging the nations, so keep working for the Lord believing that He will save His people even in times of judgment.
II Thessalonians 2:13-17
As Paul gets ready to wrap up his second letter to the saints at Thessalonica, he reminds them to hold fast to the traditions of election, effectual calling, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is imperative for this generation of believers to understand, embrace, and pass down these traditions to the next generation in order for the church to stay true to it's mission of making disciples of all nations.
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